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Guest Appearances & Business Visits

I believe that my journey and experiences to date have given me a significant into many aspects of life. As such I am regularly asked to speak to many swimming clubs, schools and businesses about what it takes to achieve success.

Whether you want a guest speaker at an event or have me work with a group of youngsters, my work, achievements and ethos are easily applied to many arenas to inspire, encourage and motivate.

Examples of the type of support I can give are:

My preparation for a significant tournament can begin four years beforehand. This can be very hard to adapt to mentally as you are so far away from the goal, it is hard to see. Yet I have to remain focused and motivated to train hard each and every day knowing what it could achieve.

This philosophy could therefore be applied to pupils planning for their GCSE’s or A levels, or within a business when motivating a team / clients towards your long term goal.

Visit the ‘contact me’ section to request more information. I’d be delighted to help.